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At Native Hooves, our mission is to facilitate healing through equine counseling and alternative holistic therapies, while also providing educational opportunities, all designed to nurture personal growth and enhance community well-being.




Native Hooves places special emphasis on supporting children in our foster care system.


Equine Therapy is an alternative form of talk therapy that utilizes the horse as a partner to meet therapeutic goals. Why horses? Horses have a unique capability to reflect everything you need to know about yourself. They are extremely in tune with energy, emotion, and unspoken communication. Horses are honest and respond to the emotions of those around them. This creates for a powerful experience that allows for many areas of growth. As herd animals, horses are born with an innate desire to connect. The horse speaks and has a voice, we just have to listen to understand.

As PATH certified Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning we are offering experiential equine connection understanding workshops and equine assisted learning sessions. We are currently working on funding for an operating space. Once we secure our facility location is determined we will be able to offer Equine Counseling Services.

Research has shown that working with a horse has a magnitude of benefits including increased self-confidence, self-awareness, improved social skills, self-control, trust and more. 

​Our future hope is to grow and have a full holistic therapeutic center for healing in Fort Worth, Texas. Our big vision includes offering healing from the inside out, from understanding how gut health influences mental health to yoga, art, garden, small animal and play therapy. Our mission is focused on mental health, community well-being and education.

We are currently working on funding and excited to get started! Please check out our Donate page for more.


This unique and fun program does not require prior horse knowledge, ability or equipment; nor does it necessitate the participant to ride.  

Native Hooves is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


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