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We practice connection and energy work with horses allowing each individual to experience what they need in the given moment. At times when we do not know what we need, the horse does.

A place like Native Hooves does not exist.

There are so many positive elements that encompass Native Hooves that will create a powerful experience for those who pass through our gates.


Our vision encompasses a holistic and total body approach to healing from the inside out. Our goal is to be a resource and positive light in the community. Our vision is to not only help change the lives of our clients but to grow the community closer. We want to be an additional resource for other local counselors. We vision partnering with local Universities in order to teach and allow students to learn and experience the growth that occurs through Equine/Animal Therapy. We will partner with local Foster Organizations to expand their networks and offer equine counseling and other mental health services.

We believe that everyone is different, and we believe different forms of therapy are more effective than others for each person. In addition to Equine Therapy our vision is to offer alternative forms of holistic therapy including small animal, nature, art, play, garden and yoga.

​We understand that horses are our partners on this journey and are living examples of how important it is to care for ourselves and be healthy. We take an experiential and full wellness approach giving the horse a voice to speak. We practice connection and energy work with the horses allowing each individual to experience what they need in any given moment. At times when we do not know what we need, the horse does.

We want the environment itself to be powerful; one that encourages, motivates, and inspires. Our long term goal and vision includes:

  • Indoor Arena (with heating/air conditioning)

  • Covered Round Pens

  • Large Pastures for Herd Observation and Interactions

  • Yoga Studio

  • Art Therapy Rooms

  • Play Therapy Rooms with Sand Trays 

  • Small Animal Room (Bunnies and Hedgehog friends)

  • Kitchen with healthy stocked items for clients

  • Sensory Library

  • Closet of necessity items for those in need

  • Large Conference Room for Work Retreats

  • Sunflower walled Labyrinths

  • Wildflowers and Greenery Walls

  • Twinkle Lights and Lanterns

  • Fire-pits

  • Crocheted Hammocks and Tire Swings

  • Nature trails

  • Garden and more!

The children in our foster care system deserve this space and so much more. They are our future and world changers! Why not allow each individual to feel that they deserve this beautiful auspicious space to heal, learn and grow.


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