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Partnering with a horse is powerful and takes an abundance of mutual trust from both horse and human.

The horse has a unique way of pointing out something that is keeping you stuck and our skilled equine specialists can help communicate what the horses are telling us.

We provide a comprehensive array of equine services, including Clinical Equine Counseling, Equine Assisted Learning, and Equine Enrichment Workshops. Additionally, we offer educational opportunities tailored for individuals seeking to advance in the equine counseling field.

All of the work we do is ground work, meaning we are not mounted on the horse. The essence of our work is to facilitate healing, empower, and uplift individuals by embracing the profound partnership between humans and horses.

Clinical Equine Counseling 

Equine counseling is a form of therapy that incorporates horses into the counseling process. The counseling team consists of a licensed mental health professional, the horse, and a PATH certified Equine Specialists in Mental Health and Learning. This innovative approach utilizes the unique qualities of horses to help individuals, couples, families, and groups address emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges. All equine counseling sessions are unmounted.

Equine counseling sessions take place outdoors in a natural setting, where clients interact with horses under the guidance of trained therapists and equine specialists. These interactions may involve activities such as grooming, leading, and ground exercises. The presence of horses creates opportunities for clients to explore their emotions, improve communication skills, and develop insights into their behavior patterns.

Equine Assisted Learning

We offer Equine Assisted Learning sessions to individuals and small groups. Currently individual sessions are available for clients age 10+. Typical sessions are 90 minutes. Each session is tailored for the individual or small group.

Similarly to how we teach the equine connection workshop we teach horsemanship from a relational approach. We ensure the horse is a partner on this journey and teach that first and foremost it is about the relationship. We teach hands on horsemanship skills coupled with real life implementation. Activities may include grooming, games, art activities, leading, herd observation, groundwork exercise. 

The horses provide a unique insight that allow growth in multiple areas including increased communication skills, self-awareness, patience, empathy, and self-confidence.

Equine Enrichment Workshops

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to unwind, re-center and have a deeper understanding of what equine connection is. Topics include mindfulness, relationships, honesty, self-confidence, kind-leadership, empowerment and more. There are limitless benefits from the experiential learning that happens with horses.


We offer our workshops to individuals, small groups, families, corporate professionals and work groups. Typically sessions are 90 minutes, but we also offer half day retreats (4 hours) with lunch included. Each workshop can be designed specifically for your needs and is a combination of activities/team building and horses. Horses are wonderful teachers and offer so much wisdom if we can learn to listen. 

We are happy to tailor an equine experience or equine assisted learning group to your specific needs. 





"Horses teach us about honesty and authenticity, for they do not know another way of being. They do not mask how they feel or try to be something they are not.

Horses respect when we are honest with ourselves, our emotions, and our state of being. When we own how we feel, the horse see us as congruent. When we are congruent the horse senses less threat. Being genuine, now that is the optimal time for connection work!"

- Courtney Utter, Founder

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